This is a grounded video by Eyme2.


Evil Shimajiro decides to get Erik, Hans, and Karl arrested. So he puts a Pepsi can on the road. When Erik, Hans, and Karl realizes that they did it, they get arrested and they are sent to jail for a month. Then, Mrs Vons, Shimajiro, and Mr Vons save Erik, Hans, and Karl and go home. When Mrs Vons, Shimajiro, Mr Vons, Erik, Hans, and Karl get home, they ground Evil Shimajiro.


  • Tween Girl as Evil Shimajiro.
  • Ivy as Shimajiro.
  • Young Guy as Erik Vons.
  • French Fry as Hans Heimler and Karl Hamburger.
  • African Vulture as Mrs Vons.
  • Smirks as Mr Vons.
  • Joey as the Cop.


Evil Shimajiro: I hate Erik, Hans, and Karl. I know! I will get them arrested.

[Evil Shimajiro puts a Pepsi can on the road and runs off]

[Erik, Hans, and Karl walk to the Pepsi can]

Erik: Who littered it?

Hans: Who did it?

Karl: I do not know.

[The cop arrives]

Cop: Erik, Hans, and Karl, you are under arrest for littering a Pepsi can.

Erik: But we did not do it.

[The cop handcuffs Derek, Hans, and Karl]

[Cut to the jail room]

[Erik, Hans, and Karl, who are unhandcuffed, are in jail]

Cop: This is your cell. Stay there.

[The cop leaves]

Erik: I know who did it. It was Evil Shimajiro.

Hans: Yeah, Derek.

Karl: Let's get out of here.

[Erik, Hans, and Karl run away from jail]

[Cut to the outside of jail]

Mrs Vons: Hey Erik. You, Hans, and Karl are not bad.

Shimajiro: You know that was a bad thing to do.

Erik: I know, Dad, Shimajiro, and Mom.

Mr Vons: Come on, Erik, Hans, and Karl. Let's go home.

Shimajiro: Let's ground Evil Shimajiro.

[Mrs Vons, Shimajiro, Mr Vons, Erik, Hans, and Karl go home]

[Cut to the living room]

Mrs Vons: Evil Shimajiro, get over here now.

[Evil Shimajiro walks up to Mrs Vons]

Evil Shimajiro: What is it, Mrs Vons?

Mr Vons: Did you get Erik, Hans, and Karl arrested?

Evil Shimajiro: Yes i did, Mr Vons.

Mr Vons: Evil Shimajiro, that was terrible of you getting Erik, Hans, and Karl arrested.

Shimajiro: You know you can get sent to Korea for that.

Evil Shimajiro: No! It does not matter, Mr Vons! I wish that you, Mrs Vons, Erik. Hans, Shimajiro, and Karl are sent to Da Planet of Stupidegy and get eaten by the aliens!

Hans: How dare you wish me, Mrs Vons, Mrs Vons, Erik, Shimajiro, and Karl to be sent to Da Planet of Stupidegy and get eaten by the aliens!

Karl: That was stupid of you.

Mr Vons: That's it! You are grounded until the 30th anniversary of the Lion King! Go to your room while i order some DVDs and VHS's not made by Konami, Bemani, and Dimension Films.

Evil Shimajiro: (In Johnny Test's voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!