(July 31, 2018, The Lakeside)

(Everyone at the Lakeside including The Offbeats from Kablam, The Mavericks from Megaman X1 and X2, and The King Of The Monsters are angry. We hear an angry mob, crowd booing, and crowd hissing sound effect)

(Gumball walks in and speaks on the microphone)

Gumball: Alright everybody. silence please?

(Silence falls)

Gumball: Thank you. I like that. Hello, my name is Gumball, a funniest blue cat, and I will tell you why Goanimate became Vyond on the the Internet. First, the Go!animate was founded since 2007 then it had a remake called Goanimate and this year the title was edited to Vyond. Everytime you make grounded videos out of our enemies, like horror villains rip-off characters and another thing Grounded Videos will come to an end on December 31st 2018 like Azura said you could also do creating movies that you want or your own tv series.

Gumball: And Because of that Vyond will have no grounded videos at all if you have'nt finished you have to hurry up and get it done.

Everyone: (except Gumball) Yeah!

Gumball: Okay, then let's do it! Also, there’s a brand new film for 2019, ComedyYes HorrorNo which is coming in June 2019. See you later!

(Gumball leaves as crowd cheering is heard which ends the video)

(Nintendo logo plays)