Lucy Ruffles is a character from Rudolph and Forest Friends made by Amos Martinez.


  • Voiced by: Juan Martinez. (Tip: You don't need three different voice actors for one character. You just need one. It's logic guys, come on.)
  • Age: 4.
  • Favorite music genre: Pop music
  • Love Interest: Boo Boo Harvest
  • Family Relatives: Sunshine Ruffles (mother), Andrew Ruffles (father) and Rudolph Ruffles (big brother).
  • Favorite Color: Light Pink.
  • Personality: She's very sweet and kind, but is very naive. She's very gullible and trust people way too easily. She likes to help others, and make friends. She is very honest but sometimes can come off being blunt. She also very energetic and is always ready to play. She's not very good at staying focus and gets distracted easily.
  • Likes: Candy, drawing, dancing, making new friends, fairy tales, unicorns, and dressing up
  • Dislikes: Sour food, being alone for too long, sitting still for too long, reading long books with no pictures, porcelain dolls (they look creepy to her), and spiders