Rudolph Ruffles is a character from Rudolph and Forest Friends made by Amos Martinez.


  • Voiced by: Amos Martinez. (You only need one voice for one character, not three. Seriously guys its common sense.)
  • Age: 9.
  • Favorite music: Rock and Roll music.
  • Love Interest: Dandelion Deer
  • Family Relatives: Sunshine Ruffles (mother), Andrew Ruffles, and Lucy Ruffles (little sister).
  • Favorite Color: Yellow.
  • Personality: Is a pretty down to earth guy, who enjoys the simple things in life. He can be greedy at times and he can also be a bit bossy at times. He's the first one to call others out on something and is honest but can come off blunt at times. He likes to help his friends out whenever he can, no matter how difficult the problem is. He's very witty and can come off a bit sarcastic at times.
  • Likes: Fishing, reading, sleeping, hanging out with his friends, watching cartoons, ice cream (vanilla to be specific), and the smell of cut grass
  • Dislikes: Chocolate (since he's a dog lol), loud noises (ex.: thunder), heavy metal music, cats (again cause dog lol), waking up early in the morning, and thunder storms