The Save-Ums are having a bad dream about Zima grounding them and getting punished by the visitors.


Jazzi (Emma)

Foo (Ivy)

Noodle (Kendra)

Ka-Chung (Amy)

Custard (Jennifer)

B.B. Jammies (Shy Girl)

Zima (Allison)

Azura (Princess)


Jazzi: I'm tired.

Foo: Me too.

Noodle: Me three.

Ka-Chung: Me four.

Custard: Me five.

B.B. Jammies: And me six.

(The Save-Ums fall asleep)

Zima: You are all grounded for nothing! I'm calling the visitors to come here!

(15 minutes later)

Zima: You have some visitors!

(The Save-Ums wake up screaming in their TV show voices)

(Azura walks in and see the Save-Ums crying in their TV show voices)

Azura: What's wrong everyone? Why are you all crying?

Jazzi: Oh Mom, we had a nightmare.

Custard: Zima grounded us for nothing.

Foo: And we got punished by the visitors.

Azura: Don't worry. It was all a dream. Nothing bad will happen to you. Zima should be grounded, and she should watch shows and films not pornographic, play video games and cd roms not pornographic, and listen to music she hates. I'll save you from being punished by the visitors.